PocketASP is a system designed to run on Windows Mobile (or Pocket PC) PDA devices and smartphones. It allows HTML and ASP pages to be executed on the device without the need of a resource-heavy webserver.
Rapid application development is therefore possible: small sites can be developed and tested in the familiar PC environment and then be transferred, with no changes, onto a handheld device.


This is a similar system, but designed to run on Windows PCs rather than handhelds. Again it negates the need to run a webserver so making it ideal for running web application on a laptop without a network connection or a low-powered machine.

PocketASP Case Study:

Samsung R&D

Recently Samsung R&D contacted us for a special build of PocketASP. Their aim was to use it to serve dynamic pages between a new mobile device they were working on. The project is currently still under development and we will update this page with progress as soon as we know more.