Online Work Area

OWA is our latest service which works as an extension to your current website. It allows you to create projects (both internal and for clients) and then upload any files from your computer to those projects.Once the files are stored within the OWA they are secure and regularly backed up. They are available to share with clients or publish online at any time.
Large files can be distributed with ease to anyone on the Internet - no need to send anything via email or CD/DVD again. Uploading files to folders within projects automatically organises your files in the simplest manner and your files are guaranteed safe once uploaded. Theft, loss or failure of your PC/laptop will no longer mean your work is lost. Get notified when clients or employees have downloaded the files you have shared with them.

Online Work Area Case Study:

What People Want

What People Want facilitate concept and usability testing on new products. They generate large reports for their clients which contain multiple videos and other multimedia within them. They required a system that would store those reports for safe keeping and also allow them to distribute them securely to their clients without having to send them in the post on DVDs.